Lesson 2 Resources

Remember, these materials are designed to support learning from the book. Click here to get the book for complete lesson plans. 

Lesson 2.1 No-hand Stand

It is very important that you do not use your hands to help you stand up

If using a footstool, move it before standing up. Once you are seated, it can be slid back under your foot

After doing a no-hand stand, do 1-2-3-wave

Lesson 2.4 Thumb Rectangle

Linked here

Lesson 2.5 Jelly

For this lesson, we are practicing the melody in sections

Section 1) G    A    B

Section 2) B    A    G

Section 3) A    A    B    A    G

After playing each section three times, try the whole song all the way through

Here is the melody with accompaniment

And here is the accompaniment by itself


Lesson 2.6 Ta & Too


Lesson 2.7 One-sentence Songs