Lesson 3 Resources

Remember, these materials are designed to support learning from the book. Click here to get the book for complete lesson plans. 

Lesson 3.2 Pep-per-o-ni Piz-za by the slice

Downloadable print version

Lesson 3.3 Jelly

Melody and accompaniment

Just accompaniment

Lesson 3.4 Steps

Downloadable print version

Click here for a video lesson

For a fun version of the steps game (that was made by a ten-year-old on cratch)  click here! Click on the green button and the app will give you three notes to play.

Lesson 3.5 Meet the B-String Notes

Playing from C to D melody and accompaniment

The melody C C C  D D D  C C C  D D D  etc

Playing from D to C melody and accompaniment

The melody is just D D D  C C C  D D D  C C C , etc.